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  • Tapestry ombre mandala in white gold wallhanging Indian boho walldecor made of 100% cotton, handmade and fair trade in India

    Tapestry with ombre mandala in white and gold.
    Mandala wallhangings are used, among other things, as a meditation aid.

    Dimensions: approx. 220×140 cm
    Material: 100% cotton

    Color scheme:

    The basic color of the tapestry is white. By definition, white is actually not a color. White is the absence of all colors and at the same time white contains all colors. White has an encouraging effect and symbolizes freshness. White is the color of the peace flag and stands for peace in the world. The perfection of everything is symbolized in spirituality. White wall cloths, like this ombre mandala, make your room look brighter.

    Gold symbolizes clarity, vitality and inspiration. The color is said to increase self-esteem and help with fear and insecurities. In esotericism, gold also symbolizes the highest point of spiritual development. No less is it owed to its value for exclusivity and wealth.


    The floral mandala is made of ornamental rings and a loose border pattern. A mandala has a calming effect on the viewer.
    Practitioners use a mandala tapestries as an optical meditation aid. Focusing the mandala helps to release mental blockages and supports the ability to concentrate.

    Spatial effect:

    A mandala as wall decoration promotes concentration.
    A white tapestry makes your room brighter. The gold color reflects the sunlight and the underground will shine. The gold color used shimmers like real gold depending on the angle of incidence of the light.

    A mandala tapestry with a basic color and print in gold forms an exclusive focal point in every room. Whether living room, bedroom or kitchen, the golden mandala wall cloth refines your room without showing off and bragging.

    Care instructions:
    We recommend dry cleaning, as the gold-colored print can dissolve in water. If the tapestry has a smell of its own that you don’t like, we recommend spraying it with a water-vinegar mixture from an atomizer and letting it dry in the open air.
    Vinegar binds odors and also softens the tissue. This gives the tapestry a fresh, bright color and a neutral  smell

    kusum handicrafts mandala bedsheet -38_files
    kusum handicrafts mandala bedsheet -38_files