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  • Vintage Kantha Bag Indian Kantha Handbag Antique Kantha Bag Manufacturer Kantha Tote Bag Shoulder Bag

    We present Range Of Handwork Handmade Vintage kantha Bag is made from vintage kantha fabric  which collects from pakisthan,afganistan and countryside of India.This is unique piece you never found same pieces again.As it is made from vintage fabric it has some imperfection but these Imperfections make this art more beautiful charming and perfect piece for your latest fashion.
    It features bracelates to make it more vintage  and button  closer.Inside  matching cotton  inner with zip .
    It is Beatifuly designed for your daily use.Hope you love it.

    Note:As it is made from Vintage kantha  Each Piece is unique and diffrent itself.It is always simmilar to each other not exact same.Also sometimes little bit dust and stains (not on all pieces)on this although we wash them before shipped but sometimes its not removed.But still All these imperfection make this bag more Beautiful and vintage.

    for more design and colours or any custom designs please make inquire …